metalnekruniceDespite the growing presence of all-ceramic crowns, metal crowns are still a popular choice, for both economic reasons and excellent results so far. The base of metal-ceramic crowns is metal (alloy) and it can be made of gold and of titanium. The outer (visible) part of the crown is ceramic. The disadvantage of this crown can be seen during gum recession when the dental metal rim becomes visible and more frequently proves allergies to alloy. Gold is biocompatible so the crowns made of gold are great choice.

Metal-ceramic bridges are made when there is one or more missing teeth. In case when the arrangement of the remaining teeth allows that the missing teeth rely on them via bridges, the remaining teeth are ground and the metal structure is made. On this structure we apply and bake ceramics. Carriers of the bridge may also be implants. This structure is permanently cemented and non removable.