We are particularly pleased to inform you about the use of hard laser in the clinic „Saint Sava“ of which we are extremely proud.


High-performance technology for precise, gentle and effective dentistry

Using the Erbium(Er): YAG and Er-Neodymium (Nd):YAG laser provides our patients greater comfort during the intervention: procedures are faster and you spend less time in the dental chair. Surgical interventions in the mouth can be done without bleeding and there is no need for stitching the cut. Caries removal with hard lasers is non-contact: the laser beam disintegrates the caries, which means that there is no painful vibration caused by conventional methods of dental treatment.


A possibility to change a power and pulse frequency with which we treat hard and soft tissues of the oral cavity allows us a precise, safe and targeted treatment of the teeth and soft tissues of the mouth.

Teeth Repair by hard laser

Caries removal by laser is a minimally invasive procedure that removes a tooth decay without contact, vibrations and with maximum reduction of pain.

The procedure of root canal treatment

The use of Nd-Yag laser reduces the number of visits to the dentist and eliminates the possibility of recurrence thanks to much higher quality of disinfection(sterilization) of root canal.

Lečenje parodontopatije laserom

Kod lečenja oboljenja potpornog aparata zuba-parodontopatije, Nd-yag laserom postižemo izuzetne rezultate.

– dezinfekcija parodontalnog džepa do sterilizacije

– primetno smanjenje dubine džepova posle nekoliko seansi

The treatment of periodontitis with a laser

In the treatment of diseases of the supporting apparatus of the tooth (periodontal disease), Nd-Yag laser achieves incredible results.

– Disinfection of periodontal pockets up to sterilization

– Marked reduction of the depth of the pockets after a few sessions

Surgical interventions on soft tissues

Surgical interventions are performed without blood, precisely, quickly and comfortably for the patient:

-Eliminating of frenulum

-Eliminating of leukoplakia

–Eliminating of hypertrophic (swollen) gingiva

-Eliminating of benign tumors in the mouth

– Eliminating of herpetic and aphthous lesions