Metal-free crowns are aesthetically most perfect compensation.

Zirconium dioxide and lithium-disilicate are materials which in recent years have made a real revolution in dentistry. Refraction of light and transparency of these materials are very similar to natural teeth. Zirconium is one of the hardest metals used in modern technologies. It suspends light like natural teeth and crowns made of this material are particularly suitable when you do not make all the front teeth. There is also no fear that the dental metal rim could be seen during gum recession, as in metal-ceramic crowns. These crowns have fully taken the precedence over the crowns with a metal base.
We recommend metal-free zirconia crowns to all patients who can afford them, because they have exceptional biocompatibility (allergic reactions do not appear) and physical properties as well as aesthetics. Patients often opt for a combination of zirconia-ceramic crowns in the anterior regions of the jaw and metal-ceramic porcelain crowns in the last regions of the jaw.
Bridges are fixed denture consisting of multiple connected crowns and they connect edentulous spaces in the jaw. Carriers of the bridge may be existing teeth or implants.