Beautiful and, above all, healthy smile is a reflection of our lifestyle and a message we are sending to the world, but also the ideal of health and beauty which has never been closer and more accessible to us because of modern dental technology.

Dental implants are a culmination of advances of dentistry. Thanks to the progress of technology, dental implants are becoming more common in the dental practice.



A dental implant is a specially designed titanium construction that is incorporated into jawbone, grows with it and serves as a replacement for the root of the tooth. In this titanium roots the construction (abutment) is screwed in and a crown is placed on the upgrade. In this way, the dental implant completely replaces the lost tooth.


Dental implants are absolutely bio-compatible with the surrounding tissue and completely linked to your bone. Installing of dental implants is a safe procedure for the patient; it is fast, painless and is performed under local anesthesia.

Once, the potential problem was the lack of bone height and width but today this problem is solvable by installing the artificial bone and it is possible to finish everything during one visit to our clinic.

After having installed the implant, it takes 3 to 6 months for it to grow into the jawbone. Only after this period you should come back into the clinic where the suprastructures are screwed on the implant and new prosthetics (crowns, bridges) are done.


Today, installing dental implants is a routine operation that even with completely edentulous patients is done quickly. These patients get a temporary prosthesis (3 to 6 months) so that the implant surgery does not affect the pace of their life. In these patients, there are two options, fixed prosthesis on implants (bridge) or prosthesis attached to the dental implants.

The most important thing after the implantation of dental implants is to listen to the advice of the dentist and to properly maintain oral hygiene.