Periodontosis is a dental supporting apparatus disease. Apart from dental caries this is the most widespread disease of the human race. The most common change that is happening in the supporting apparatus of teeth (periodontium) is a gum inflammation that can spread to other parts of periodontium. As a result, the gums recede and the teeth remain denuded and look like they are elongated.

Parodontologija2Periodontosis is mainly caused by microorganisms of dental plaque (deposits on the teeth). There are other factors that affect the speed and course of the disease: dental tartar, anatomical anomalies, bad habits, bad dental work and general diseases.

The emergence of a periodontal pocket is an irreversible process which can be stopped or slowed down by regular visits to the dentist.

Treatment of the periodontosis involves a series of measures that will be implemented over a longer period of time.

At the first stage, an inflammation remediation of periodontium is carried out and it involves the removal of dental plaque, dental tartar and concrements, but also a patient education in order to improve oral hygiene and check-ups. In the following of the therapy, attention is directed to the repairing of periodontal pockets.

Advanced periodontosis with severe periodontal pockets may require surgical intervention that is performed under local anesthesia (flap surgery). Since it is a chronic inflammation of periodontosis that causes the loss of bone and surrounding tissue, during the surgery that bone is compensated by biocompatible material (artificial bone) Bio-Oss and Bio-Gide, in order to regenerate the lost bone and surrounding tissue. These procedures are called guided tissue regeneration (GTR) or guided bone regeneration (GBR).

Lasers in periodontics

In our clinic we approach the problem of periodontosis in a new and efficient way. Besides all the above mentioned therapeutic procedures, we also use hard lasers.

By applying a hard Er:YAG and Nd:YAG laser, after years of experience, we recommend to patients a comprehensive therapy that gives great results.