Making veneers, crowns, bridges, dentures and prosthetics on implants

Prosthodontics is the branch of dentistry dealing with a compensation of lost teeth and oral tissues using prosthetic restorations. When your teeth are damaged or you miss some of them, in addition to aesthetic problems, whole function of your orofacial system is compromised. You can have difficulty in chewing, speaking, breathing and swallowing. The remaining teeth are moving to an empty space, there is a loss of the jaw bone, disturbances of intermaxillary relations and disorders in temporomandibular joint. Toothless spaces do not make more support to the soft structures of mouth, cheeks and lips, which is why they “fall in” or make deep grooves (“old people facial look”). All this can lead to the manifestation of the social aspect of edentulism which is reflected in difficult communication, impoverished social life and reduction of work ability.

Our team of medical specialists will analyze the conditions of your remaining teeth and their supporting tissues, bone status and general health condition and we will offer you all possible and the best solutions based on those analysis and our rich experience. We will unite all of branches of dental medicine; we’ll do a good preprosthetic preparation which, in some cases, involves surgery too. We also offer the prosthetics on implants. We guarantee:

  • a successful outcome of planned intervention,
  • good function of prosthesis,
  • fine aesthetics;

and all this on your satisfaction of course.