Okluzalni splintovi i štitnici za zubeOcclusal splints are mostly used in case of bruxism (unconscious grinding teeth, usually during the night). They are used in order to reduce abrasion (spending) and protect dental tissue and also to reduce the load of supportive tissue and to reduce the pain in the jaw muscles.

Every activity of the muscles of the head and neck, which has no functional purpose, is called parafunction so the bruxism is considered to be one of the parafunctions and occurs at a subconscious level.

The consequences of bruxism are numerous. Damage occurs to the hard dental tissue, fillings and other dental work, then to the supporting structures of the teeth and gums. The teeth look like they are eaten and flattened like a plate. The height of the tooth bite is reduced by abrasion so the jaw joints and muscles suffer additional load. Patients complain of headaches and muscle pains in the head and neck in the morning.

If during the night you’re grinding your teeth, in that way you’re spending them and because of it you feel pain in the jaw, it is necessary that you make an occlusal splint (or night guard) which you can put over the upper teeth before going to bed. Occlusal splint is made on the basis of the print of your teeth, it is comfortable and gives good results.

Athletes also use it to prevent dental injuries.